Decal installation instructions:

  1.  CleanWipe clean the surface you are applying the decal to with a mild cleaner. Allow to dry.


  2.  Peel Carefully, peel off the backing paper (the one with the grid on the back) from the decal ? Only the vinyl and the clear transfer paper should remain. When your decal contains small elements, or letters, please be very careful when removing the backing paper, as to not tear the vinyl itself ? do not use force! If parts of the decal remain stuck to the backing paper, put the backing paper back on the decal, press firmly with squeegee or credit card and start peeling off again till all elements remain on transfer paper. Take your time here.


  3.  Apply Place your decal on the surface you want the sticker to be on. Use a credit card to rub and smooth the decal onto the surface.


  4.  Remove Now remove the clear transfer paper by peeling it off, starting from the corner. (Only the vinyl decal should remain on the surface).